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Occupational Therapy Services

Our staff consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants. At our clinic, we offer Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Hand Therapy. We also provide services in public and private schools, as well as in private homes.

Our therapists' evaluation and treatment philosophies consider the presenting problems of each child or adult along with the demands of their varied daily environments.

The therapist's goal is to enable each child or adult to build skills necessary to fully participate in meaningful daily life activities. Important needs and concerns of families, educators and others are incorporated into our service model.



Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Clear-Care Occupational Therapy Service is highly regarded for the quality of our services to children with developmental, learning and behavioral problems.

  • Preschool/School-age Students

Occupational therapists evaluate and treat children with developmental disabilities, learning difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, fine motor defecit, strengthening limitations, neuromuscular limitations and visual/perceptual difficulties.

Therapists provide direct treatment and recommendations to school staff including teachers, classroom aides, and special education staff. Intervention is designed to enhance and expand a student's ability to learn within the classroom settings. Adaptations may include classroom modifications involving assistive technology, sensory interventions, strengthening skills or fine motor/coordination activities.

A personalized treatment plan is devised to enhance the functional performance and learning experience of the student within the school setting.

  • Clinical Pediatric Intervention

Occupational therapists work with clients in the outpatient setting. Therapists address the areas of life that are affected by developmental delay, neuromuscular difficulties and sensory processing disorders. Therapeutic interventions include gross/fine motor and visual/perceptual activities, coordination exercises and activities of daily living (dressing, hygiene and feeding issues).

Therapists provide an individualized treatment program to increase independence within the primary occupational performance areas of childhood including self care tasks, play, leisure, socialization and school learning.

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Outpatient Hand Therapy

Skilled Occupational Therapists provide evaluation, intervention, and treatment modalities to maximize a person's functional performance following upper extremity injury. Our experienced staff boasts 17 years of hand injury treatment to assist patients in regaining maximum functional performance.

Common treatment diagnosis includes fractures, cumulative trauma/repetitive motion injury, traumatic injury, tendon laceration, and arthritic limitations. Therapists use interventions for strengthening, mobility, sensory, edema, pain management and coordination devising a personalized treatment program tailored for patient progress.

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